Gum Paste Yellow Rose Spray – 145mm (wired)


: £12.99: £4.54

A lovely spray made up of yellow roses and green leaves that is ideal for use as a cake topper or decoration for a wedding or special occasions cake.


Gum Paste Yellow Rose Spray – 145mm (wired)

A beautiful spray made up of a large rose, a medium rose, 3 rosebuds, 3 small Jasmine type blossoms and 6 small filler flowers plus green leaves.  Each piece is attached using sugarcraft wires and covered with floristry tape.

Excellent value if you already make your own, you can appreciate the work and time involved in creating each one!

Adds an instant professional touch to your cakes and are perfect for wedding, engagement, anniversary or any special occasion cakes.

Although made from hard sugarpaste / modelling paste / gum paste, this is a non edible decoration due to the wires and hardness.  The wire should be inserted into the cake using a suitably sized flower pic – micromini and large are available.  The spray should be removed from the cake before serving.

Dimensions: approximately 145mm.

NOTE: these are handmade so sizes may vary