Baked with Love Foil Baking Cases – Gold Pk/50


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Made from a heavy duty paper with a foil finish. Each Baking Case is approximately 50mm across making them ideal for cupcakes and muffins.


Baked with Love Foil Baking Cases – Gold (pack of 50).

These delightful Gold Foil Baking Cases are perfect for any special occasion or birthday party.

Add colour and shine to your cupcakes with these lovely Baked with Love Foil Baking Cases in Gold. Perfect for birthdays and celebrations!

To separate, gently release each case starting from the outer edge of the nest.

These cases are made from a food grade paper. The foil acts as a barrier to ensure that grease from the cake mixture does not affect the colour on the outside of the case.

The base of each case is approximately 50mm across.  These cupcake and baking cases are ideal for fairy cakes, cupcakes and muffins.  The baking cases are packed in 50s.

For best results use to line standard muffin/cupcake tins.  Perfect for use at home, for everyday baking and special occasions available in 7 colours to help you match them to your theme and decorations.

The colours available are:

The gold, silver and rose gold foil cases are also available in a bulk pack of 250.